My OccuPoem

For quite a time, I’ve often had a quite unsettling feeling
That certain things within the world are rocking, then they’re reeling
My mind is always spinning and I find a vicious fright
That assails me always in my dreams when I try to sleep at night
Those who would seize power, this they’ve done at any cost
And with the game they play there are too many who are lost
It makes me angry, makes me sad, I feel a deep depression
And when I see the way they act, they are quite clear with their expression.
For all this time, I used to think I was the only one
Then voices started crying out, shouting “This must be done!”
People started showing up to fight the tyranny
Realization dawned: my thoughts, they went beyond just me
The banks, big business, government, they all work hand in hand
Their power and their tactics always trying to expand
Brainwashed, manipulated and controlled through years of mass deception
Eyes wide open to their schemes, no more welcomed warm reception
We stand, we shout, our voices loud, we’re done with all your games
And now we fight as one, en masse, to show the world your shames
The game’s been rigged with loaded dice, select few people win
And now we know; AN END TO THIS – you will pay for your sin
They take and take, no empathy, no smidgeon of compassion
And for too long we’ve fallen into step, it is the fashion
But now we rise, we scream, we fight, we say “WE TAKE NO MORE!”
All deceivers shall be ousted, and please, do watch the door
We will not stop until corruption is brought to it’s knees
A figurative dog that need be cleansed of pestilential fleas
The road is long, the times are tough, one day it all shall be
But until that day arrives, we fight until we’re fully free
Posted 8th November 2011 by

Observing McKeldin, etc.

Looking at McKeldin square
it saddened me to see no one there.
Perplexed, I stand as I watch this reporter man filming the emptiness.
Fighting the urge to ask questions at first, I then burst.
The reporter man tells me this is how the square should be.
According to who? I ask. Is it you or the station for which you
He’s puzzled by my interrogation.
Maybe he thinks I’m an alien?
Do you know what a loaded question is? he asks.
“I do.” , I say not identifying myself as I walk away.
After contacting another Occupy member to relay this conversation, I
hear news which lessens my frustration.
The GA is back at MC Keldin square tonite.
I hope this reporter man will be there to objectively give the news
I want him to see not only what Mc Keldin square but the whole occupy
movement embodies.

– Bonnie Lane Monroe


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