Bay Group says cleanup to create more than 230,000 jobs John Fiske, 1/3/2012, The Baltimore Sun

CBF Report Debunks Myth: “Environmental Regulations Cost Jobs, Kill Business” Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Press Release, 1/3/2011

Nonprofits added jobs in Maryland in 2010 while companies cut back Jamie Lee Hopkins, 12/13/2011, The Baltimore Sun

A Jobs Centered Approach To African American Community Development Algernon Austin, 12/20/2011,  Znet

How to Own Your Own Home and Never Pay a Mortgage, Courtesy of Nevada Legislature Mike Chamberlain,  11/7/2011, Nevada News and Views

Bailout List

Another Bailout for the Banks?

Tracking the $700 Million Bailout

The Employment Situation October 2011

Millions of Unemployed Americans Now Live as Paupers

Economy Crisis

US National Net Worth Plummeted 26%  Barry Ritholtz, 9/23/2010 The Big Picture – September 23rd, 2010

A Recession for White Americans A Depression for Black and Latino Americans Caroline Heldman, 7/29/2011, The Society Pages
The two documents everyone should read to better understand the crisis William Black 7/10/2011 HuffingtonPost

11 Facts You Need to  Know About the Nations Biggest Banks Pat Garofalo, 10/7/2011, Think Progress

(the financial services industry)

Wall Street: Inside the Collapse (video and transcript) The Daily Bail

Financial Modelers Manifesto Paul Wilmott, 1/8/2009, Wilmott

Growing Unequal? Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries OECD website

Charts of the Day? Where Did All The Income Growth Go? Brian Beutler, October 25, 2011, TPM

Charts: Who are the 1 Percent? Dave Gilson, 10/10/2011, Mother Jones

Of The Tea Party, By the Tea Party, For the Tea Party Maureen Tkacik, 8/18/2011, Reuters

How Expenditures are Squeezing the American Middle Class Robert H. Frank, 12/5/2011,

Why Has Inequality Been Growing Robert H. Frank, 12/6/2011,

How Much Americans Actually Pay In Taxes Catherine Rampell, 4/8/2009, New York Times


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