Occupy Movement: Videos

Occupy Boston’s Women’s Caucus First Night Guerilla Messaging to the 99% – Bat Signal Video

Occupy Movement” to Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” – music/photos

OccupyBoston Gets It Wrong – This is THE funniest video I have seen yet. Total satire and an amazing march. Do yourself a favor and watch this. Over and Over!!!!!!

A musical tribute to corporate excess in the style of the Capitol Steps.  A Must See for the Holiday Season!!

Noam Chomsky and Anthony Armove speak at Howard Zinn’s memorial service (@34 minutes Chomsky discusses tactics that directly relate to Occupy)

Foreclosures – A Story on 60 Minutes

Lobbying Firm Memo to Advise Wall Street Clients on Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall Street: Senator Sanders

Inside Job

The Story of Broke Annie Leonard


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