Occupy Baltimore: Direct Actions

Occupy Congress:

Occupy Congress: Could It Be Politics As Usual? Miranda Laitsinger, no date listed, MSNBC

Occupy Congress Demands Real Democracy Diana Petrova 1/22/2012 The Bloomington Alternative

Occupy Congress Greets Returning Lawmakers Jefferson Morley, 1/18/2012, Salon.com

Occupy Congress Holds Day Long Protest Photo Essay, no date listed, Washington Post

Occupy Protesters Swarm Capitol Hill Michael McAuliff, 1/17/2012 The Huffinton Post


Schools Not Jails

II. Recreation Centers

Four City Rec Centers Could Go To Third Parties Julie Sharper, 12/19/2011, The Baltimore Sun

III. Wells Fargo

Complaint filed by the City of Baltimore Against Wells Fargo

Statements of Former Wells Fargo Employees

IV. Job Creation

“Nonprofits added jobs in Maryland in 2010 while companies cut back” Jamie Lee Hopkins, 12/13/2011, The Baltimore Sun

V. International Women’s Day “Walk A Mile In Our Shoes” Bank of America Action


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