Politics: Race, Class, Gender

Brown Power at Occupy Wall Street by Hena Ashraf

Ten Conversations On Racism I’m Sick and Tired of Having With White People bot, 4/21/2011, People of Color Organize

How Inequality is Halting U.S. Feminism Mary Tracy, 12/19/2011, New York Times

“Occupy Opportunities for Collective Liberation – Catalyst Project’s Anti-Racist Organizing Strategy” by Chris Crass, Catalyst Project (Left Turn)

OccupyPatriarchy -Website

Race Matters:  Liberal Racism and the Occupy Wall Street Movement by Chauncey DeVega

Seven Occupy Wall Street Racial Justice Roadblocks by ernesto

Where Are the Women at Occupy Wall Street? Everywhere—and They’re Not Going Away
by Sarah Seltzer


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