Occupy Movement: Articles


Karl Rove Gets ‘Mic Checked’.   Jason Linkins.  11/16/2011,  HuffingtonPost

Karl Rove Mic Check II  Zaid Jilani. 11/16/2011,   ThinkProgress.org

Occupy Baltimore, Sagittarius Dolly, 11/26/2011, Daily Kos

Occupy Baltimore and Social Media  Kenneth Emmerling. 10/6/2011, The Examiner

Occupy Baltimore’s Day of Action Aximill, 11/18,2011, Daily Kos

Occupy Highway Reaches Baltimore Donal, 11/20/2011, Dagblog


Sparrows Point Steel Mills Shut Down Suddenly Andrea Walker, 12/23/2011 The Baltimore Sun

Urban ‘Pioneers’ Risk Much For Their ‘Hoods Luke Broadwater, 10/19/2011, The Baltimore Sun


Are We Becoming a Police State? Sal Gentile, 12/7/2011, The Daily Need

Arts Occupation Yates McKee, 12/11/2011, The Nation Occupy vs. Big Labor    Emily Loftis, 12/9/2011, Salon

Bankers, Billionaires Try To Form Movement Against OWS Asawin Suebsaeng, 12/21/2011, Mother Jones

Building a Multi-Racial Movement Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, 2011, Chicago Socialists.org

Built For Battle Khadijha White, 12/20/2011, Possible Futures

By The Mob’s Early Light Jeff Sharlet, 2011, Bookforum

Dallas-based Billionaire Calls Occupy Protesters “Imbeciles” Michael J. Mooney, 12/20/2011, FrontBurner

David Graeber The Anti-Leader of Occupy Wall Street, Drake Bennett, 11/26/2011, BusinessWeek

Desmond Tutu Urges Trinity Church to Allow Occupy Protestor Camp Karen McVeigh, 12/15/2011, The Guardian UK

Fantastic Success Occupy WallStreet  Immanuel Wallerstein, 10/15/2011

How Occupy Stopped The Super Committee Dean Baker, 11/23/2011, Guardian.co.uk.

How to Destroy the Occupy Movement and How to Prevent it From Failing Paul K. Chappell
October 31, 2011, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Is OccupyWallStreet changing the Discourse? Lisa Wade, 10/21/2011, The Society Page

Lobbying Firm Memo to Advise Wall Street Clients on Occupy Movement Jason Cherkis, 11/16/2011, Huffingtonpost

Michael Kazin on the Roots of the Occupy Movement Michael Kazin, 2011, The Browser

Museums Archiving Occupy Wall Street: Historical Preservation or “Taxpayer-Funded Hoarding”? John Del Signore, 12/26/2011, Gothamist

Occupiers Daily  – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Occupy Graphic Novels Brigid Alverson, 10/18/2011, robot6


Occupy Movement Plans Iowa Protest ‘People’s Caucus‘ Michael A. Memoli, 12/20/2011, Los Angeles Times

Occupy Shuts Down 3 West Coast Ports CBSnews, 12/12/2011

OccupyWallStreet Becomes Highly Collectible Christian Salazarm,  12/24/2011, Associated Press

Occupy Wall Street Builds Facebook Alternative Tech, 1/3/2012

Occupy Wall Street Emerges as the First Populist Movement On the Left Since the 1930s(video and article – Guests: Kevin Gosztola and Dorian Warren

Occupy Wall Street is About Sustainability and Ecological Innovation Samantha Peters, 1/4/2011, The Ecopreneurest

Occupy Wall Street, Mass Media and Progressive Change in the Tea Party Era: Our Window of Opportunity Anthony DiMaggio and Paul Street, 12/24/2011nd
Truthout | News Analysis

Occupy Wall Street Meets Winter Yotam Marom, 12/17/2011, Z Space

Occupy Writers: A Mirror and a Stimulant for the Occupy Movement J.A. Myerson, 10/25/2011, Truthout

Occupy Theory  December Issue, Tidal, Pdf

Pre-Occupied – This is a highly informative history of the Occupy Movement

Public Divided Over Occupy Wall Street Movement 10/24/2011

Rebuttal to “CrackDown”, Josh Holland, 11/26/2011, Altnet

Russia Must Rethink What Syrian Protests Mean  Editorial Board, 2/2/2012 Christian Science Monitor

Urgent Appeal to Occupy and All Social Movements: Mobilize to Defend the Egyptian Revolution 12/19/2011, AD HOC The Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution

The Top Ten Media Manipulation Strategies Noam Chomsky, The International Coalition

Thank You, Anarchists Nathan Schneider, 12/19/2011, The Nation

The term “economic inequality” is part of national dialogue Bern Smith, November 11, 2011, Politico

The Occupywallstreet Movement: Librarians display the Ruins Nick Pinto, 11/23/2011, Village Voice

T. Rowe Chair Rogers Called for Eviction, Rosenberg, Martine Greenberg Partner Gaeng Defended Occupy Baltimore Protesters  MFWire Staff, 1/18/2012, Mutual Fund Wire

Uniting Occupy and Labor Over Health Care Shamus Cooke, 12/26/2011, Z Space

Why Blacks Aren’t Embracing Occupy Wall Street, Stacy Patton, 11/25/2011, Washington Post

Why the Occupy Movement Has Libraries Barbara Fister, 10/27/2011, Library Journal

Writers in Support of the Occupy Movement: 1300 + Signatures Jason Boog, 10/21/2011, Galleycat

Chicago Top Cop Supports Recording of Police Police Technology, 1/30/2012

Journalists Press NYPD On Media Access Issues 2/2/2012, Law Enforcement

Oakland Considers Getting Tougher on Protestors Police Technology, 2/7/2012

Oakland Police Could Face Federal Takeover Paul Elias, 1/25/2012, Law Officer

Senators Propose Legislation To Oversee NYPD 2/10/2012, Law Officer


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