Other Virtual (Occupy and otherwise) Libraries

ALA Midwinter 2012: Occupy Wall Street Librarians Wonder When Did Sharing Become a Revolutionary Act? David Rapp, 1/21/2011, Library Journal

http://libguides.uwgb.edu/occupy – Library Guides to primary sources by OccupyWallStreet

Occupy Libraries 11/18/2011, Lib Punk (Video)

Occupyeducated.org – This FABULOUS site is the result of work by the OWS librarians post-eviction.

OccupyBaltimore Wikiv

OccupySavvy.com  a digital media library

OccupyToronto Library

OccupyWallStreet: The People’s Library

Occupy Boston Library – From A to Z

OccupyMaine Library

OccupySacramento Library

Biblioteca Acampada Sol

People’s Library Presentation at ALA Midwinter 1/24/2012

Online Books  Library

Free Books at Project Gutenberg

Free Books in the Internet Public Library

Online International Children’s Library

Marxist Virtual Library


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