What does a library mean to you? To us it is simple, books and people. On street corners, at meetings, shelters, outside, inside, parks, deserted lots……anywhere. Anywhere that people and books are together and creating their own relationship with each other. Occupy is about thinking outside of the box. We are redefining our world and the relationships therein.


Guerilla Libraries are set up without state or city approval or support. Offer information of all kinds, not subject to the regulations of institutionalized libraries. Hierarchy plays no part in the organizing of our library. We act through consensus and answer only to the people, doing our best to meet their information needs.


We are seeking donations of books of all kinds – although right now we are in particular need of children’s books. We supplement our books with weekend visits to the always fabulous BookThing, the source of endless free books. Then we take the books right out to the people. We go where people don’t have easy access to libraries, where people don’t have permanent addresses (this preventing them from getting a library card), and anywhere else that people ask us to go. So, books, cars, people……we need it all!

We are also asking for financial donations to cover our minimal expenses (primarily gas). Use our WePay account if you wish to make a financial donation.


Donations are always welcome, but if you want to be a librarian on the ground we need you. We meet on a weekend morning (right now Saturday but as we grow it will  become Sunday too), go to the book store and take to the streets. You need a car – or a buddy with a car. Going in pairs (or more) is easier for moving the books and sharing the wealth.

Contact us at our email address:

It is so easy and yet seems so radical. Taking the books to the people.


About Beth Emmerling

A librarian with a M.L.S., an undergraduate in English and a Master's in History. I love mysteries and reading is my greatest contentment and provocateur. I work in the Baltimore community giving away free books, working with Books n BBQs - that focus on bringing together community and have a special focus on literacy. I am blessed that I get donations from equally as committed folks and am able to share this abundance.
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