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A librarian with a M.L.S., and a M.A. in History. I love mysteries and reading is my greatest contentment and provocateur. I work in the Baltimore community giving away free books, working with Books n BBQs - that focus on bringing together community and have a special focus on literacy.


WHAT IS A LIBRARY? What does a library mean to you? To us it is simple, books and people. On street corners, at meetings, shelters, outside, inside, parks, deserted lots……anywhere. Anywhere that people and books are together and creating their … Continue reading

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Occupy Baltimore People’s Library

OCCUPYKNOWLEDGE! To donate money click on our WePay account To donate books or time email us at Welcome to OccupyBaltimore Library’s Website. We have a great deal of on-line information for you and hope you will spend some time … Continue reading

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